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Chin Ying Industry Co.,Ltd

About us

Chin Ying is committed to providing the highest level of performance in service and

top quality products to our Customers. We serve diverse markets such as

Automotive and growing segments within Auto Parts markets. We are doing our

best on helping to lead the way – as we have for the pass years and expanding in

product quality, faster response, variety information for all of our customers around

the world.

Timing Chain Kit     

     Chin Yin’s timing chain kit (C-Y) program is the best in the aftermarket with over 320

     part numbers, covering a greater percentage of the European and Asian car parc

     Than the competition. The ethos of the C-Y program was to bring a complete

     Solution to the aftermarket, so Chin Ying takes great care to include ALL the parts

      Needed to complete a C-Y installation right down to the last stretch bolt.

     Power Window Regulator

    We offers over 2,300 Window Regulators, with additional coverage added monthly.

    Our product development includes extensive market input and feedback, enabling us

    To introduce quality parts that address the most in-demand parts you need for your


One Stop Shopping

    Chin Ying Industry Co, The largest automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer and

    Provider in Taiwan . We, serves both the professional wholesaler and Importer .

    Chin Ying has cooperate over 200 customers around the world, over 100 dealer or

    Autoparts shop .

International Exhibition

     Management Philosophy


   "A professional team, dedicated service, honesty and reliability, vitality and innovation " constitute

   the persistent management philosophy of Chin Ying Industry Co .,Ltd. We share the chievements

   of our customers' success, which bonds us together. We share our fruitful accomplishments with

   customers and employees in the pursuit of mutual growth. Along with the vision of Chin Ying

  Industry Co., Ltd., we will strive for excellence and devote our efforts to creating a brighter future.